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I hope this message finds you as well as you can be under the circumstances all of us have had to face this year. I didn’t expect to have music to share in this format, but here is “Infinite Eagle.” Most of my Bandcamp releases have been song-collections generated within a short period of time, like the ones I’ve put out for the last four winters thanks to participating in the February Album Writing Month challenge. This one came together differently: I wrote the lyric to “Infinite Eagle” in 2011, but didn’t record it until last month, alongside a half-dozen to dozen other songs that came together between August and late October. Some are diary entries, real or fictional, while others are love songs, protest song/rants or bullseyes and “near-myths.” I can usually see a couple of meaningful through-lines in my projects, but I’d be glad to hear anything listeners might think they see or hear in them before pinning down any particular butterflies, so to speak.

Everything about music still makes me very happy, and it’s helped me keep an even keel for much of the last few months. I’ve had a lot of fun making and posting songs, instrumentals and other odd noises, even using some to score short videos from my rides and post to social media. I don’t want to make too many promises, but there may be a little more music coming before year’s end, including some from another challenge earlier this year. Cheers!