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After working on a few dozen pieces of music and lyrics over the last nine months, I picked out fifteen this month that seemed reasonably congruent if not adjacent and spoke to sentiments it’s not difficult to sense among at least a plurality of folks I know and care about. I hope they appear able to reflect on and refract some of those sentiments to a limited extent.

This week, I took a look at four of the pictures I took very early and very late on Wednesday. November 9, 2016, in downtown and Uptown Oakland, and figured Instagram’s new carousel feature would be a way to show how I decided which ones worked on the cover for my latest album, available now on Bandcamp exactly a year after my last one, “Uncanny.”

Please take it in the spirit it is offered, as a look at where some friends and acquaintances are, and where others may head in months and years to come.